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 provides technologies

that target ressource-efficient wastewater treatment following the credo of „doing more, in less, with less“.

One common feature is the enhancement of biological activity by using physical selectors for biomass-enrichment. The light and fragile flocs in the AAA-process are captures by gravimetric settling, bio-P-activated sludge is densified by a hydro-cyclone (inDENSE) and anammox-granules are selected by a microscreen (DEMON).

Process Characteristics

ProcessA-stage biosorptionAerobic granulationDeammonification
Force1 g>10 gMesh <250µm
SRT<0.5 d>10 d>50 d

The brand ‚AAA‘ (Triple-A) stands for ‚Alternating Activated Adsorbtion‘. In conventional primary clarifiers purely physics is employed for settling particulate matter with an overall removal of organic matter by ca. 1/3. AAA applies a flow-through sludge blanket to maximize redirection of organic carbon…
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The brand ‚inDENSE‘ stands for ‚Process intensification by densified biomass‘. In activated sludge plants micro-organisms aggregate in flocs and this biomass gets separated in clarifiers and is recycled to the treatment-system. The settling properties of the biomass are the base for process design …
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The brand ‚DEMON‘ stands for ‚Deammonification‘. The combination of aerobic and anaerobic ammonia conversion in a single reactor allows energy efficient nitrogen removal from high-strength ammonia wastewater. The core features of DEMON are the pH-controlled aeration to maintain …

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